Web hosting perils

I love to write. And I used to run a couple of thematic blogs on free sites once upon a time. Then I wanted to do my own thing with my own domain name and clearer ideas. Little did I know getting a good hosting plan is so hard!!!

And now Google and WordPress want sites to have SSL encryption making even harder for non-geeks like you and I. We all want the same thing right?

A domain name for cheap, cheap hosting with all features and as less geek as possible. So I tried doing it the hard way and then the harder as well as the hardest and geekiest way. It was a fantastic learning but the time and money I invested may not really payback.

That gave me a thought, There might be more people like me who want to start something small at very little and no geekiness involved. I thought  I should offer this service to friends and family.

And that is why I offer the Get your Website package